October 26, 2017

We understand. If you’re thinking about divorce, you may feel like your world is falling apart and you’re not sure what to do next. Or, you’ve read and been told so much information from well-meaning people that you’ve hit information overload. In the meantime, you’re losing money, time and likely sleep while you’re trying to figure where to start. You need to understand all your options and figure out what’s right for you. That’s where a divorce workshop comes in.

What’s the Point of a Divorce Workshop?

There are workshops on making pottery or car maintenance but ones for divorce? Absolutely! Just like learning the steps to making a vase, you can also learn ways to take control of your divorce. Here are the five biggest ways attending a workshop can help you if you’re contemplating divorce.

1. You’ll Feel Less Alone

You may feel like you’re entering a world where you’re all alone and you’re terrified. Maybe you’ll need to head into the workforce for the first time, or after a significant break. Maybe you’re not sure how the household finances really work because your husband took care of that for both of you. A divorce workshop gives you the critical information you need during this critical time.

2. Everything in One Place

You wouldn’t go to the dentist to get your haircut, right? So why would you expect your divorce attorney to give you suggestions on how to talk with your children about what’s happening? You’ll likely need more than one expert to help get things taken care of. But finding qualified experts can be hard on your own. That’s where a divorce workshop helps! A panel of experts will be ready and willing to answer your questions, on everything from the actual divorce proceedings to your kids’ mental health, your retirement planning or even help finding assets you aren’t aware of. You won’t need to figure out what to ask Google or if your friend’s suggestion would work for you. You’ll get your questions answered for your life. It’s that simple.

3. Save Time and Money

Not only is all that information gathering a confusing process at best, it’s also eating up your time and possibly money. Divorce isn’t a short process, but it doesn’t have to drag on for months and months. A workshop gives you the tools you need to get started, all in a single morning.

4. Neutral Advice

Divorce can be a confusing and unsettling process. Beyond your own research, you’re likely getting advice from friends and family. While you may be getting some helpful tips, that’s not always the case. A divorced friend may suggest her own choices are the best for you, too, or a family member might be against divorce completely. What you need are professionals who aren’t emotionally invested the same way you are, sitting down with you to answer your questions. The workshop will provide you with that opportunity!

5. Peace of Mind

Figuring out a plan to how to get started can help you feel more secure and powerful, even if it’s only setting up initial meetings with your new potential attorney or financial planner. There are probably a ton of unknowns swirling in your mind right now. Getting those first steps nailed down can help you feel more confident about the entire process.

The Bottom Line

Your feelings about your situation are unique to you, but the process of divorce has many of the same parts for everyone. Let Second Saturday Scottsdale show you all the options so you can make an informed decision that’s right for your life. Register here for the next workshop or email us with any questions. We look forward to helping you!