November 2, 2017

Things haven’t been going well between you and your husband. In fact, things have been bad enough for so long that it’s time to make a decision. But what do you do? If you’re considering legal separation vs divorce, here are some things to consider.

Where to Start

Right now, you might feel like you never want to see your husband again. Or, you’re not really sure. Could you patch things up again in the future? That can be one starting point for deciding on a legal separation vs. divorce. Here’s a list of things to consider as you begin the process.

What’s the Difference: Legal Separation vs Divorce?

Since this is a blog (and not legal advice) we’re going to stick to the basics. Your attorney can (and will) advise you on the details of Arizona law and how they apply to your situation. According to the folks over at, there are pros and cons to both, but the main difference is your ability to remarry.

Contacting an Attorney

While these are important things to know as you begin to make decisions, this isn’t a comprehensive list. An experienced attorney can help guide you to the right solutions that will for your situation. You may feel like it’s too soon to contact an attorney, or that it’s a “signal” of your intent. Attending a divorce workshop can give you access to the experts you need, without committing to a particular course of action.

Healthcare and Other Coverage

Are you covered currently under your husband’s policy? Make sure you have the full picture of how you’re covered and the ways it could be affected. Ask your lawyer about COBRA coverage.

Property and Debt

This is one area people dread the most when it comes to divorce. Who gets the house? Will there be alimony? Wait, there was a bank account I didn’t know about? It might be helpful to prepare a list of things you know about now, and your attorney or financial advisor can help guide you further.

The Bottom Line

You’re the only one who can ultimately decide what’s right for you. Trying to decide on legal separation vs divorce can be overwhelming, to say the least. The Second Saturday Scottsdale divorce workshop can be a great way to get the info and support you need right now. You’ll meet other women who are experiencing the same things you are, so you’ll know you’re not alone in this. You’ll also have access to an array of experts who can help. Email us with questions or register for our next workshop. It’s time to make an investment in YOU.